Thick & Thin Log Cabin
A Basket of Blooms on the Courthouse Steps


someone told you that you could make quilt blocks such as the Pineapple, Log Cabin, Off-center Log Cabin, Sunburst Star, and Geese in the Cabin (to name a few) with just squares and strips of fabric or scraps, would you believe them? What if they also told you that the blocks use no foundations, no templates, no triangles and have no Y-seams but turn out perfectly square and all the same size, even in miniature?

I have developed a method that I call “Perfect Strips”. It allows you to use precisely cut squares and “quick-cut” strips or scraps right from the scrap basket to make many wonderful quilt blocks and requires just two simple and inexpensive rulers. The method actually helps you sew a perfect ¼” seam and has other unintended consequences that help ensure successful blocks and beautiful quilts every time.

It has taken a number of years to perfect this method and to adapt it to a number of quilt blocks. Go to the gallery to look at some samples of the different blocks and quilts that have been done by me and some of my students. I offer many classes and workshops in this technique so please check out that link for descriptions. Most classes can be adapted to any teaching situation, so please contact me for dates and fees.

One more thing, I get a lot of inquiries about the beautiful quilting on my quilts.  I'm not a quilter, but I've been so fortunate to have found someone who is an artist and does all my custom quilting.  Claudia Chapman of Aroundabout Quilts, Upperco, MD. is the one responsible for helping me finish my tops.  If you'd like to contact her, go to

What's new:

Where did the summer go?  I love Fall but am not looking forward to the garden cleanup!  The good news is that winter is just around the corner.  In case you think I'm really off the deep end, I love winter because that's when my sewing machine really gets a workout.  There's nothing better than a snowy day with nowhere to go and a quilt ready to be sewn.  There are some new ideas floating around in my head, just waiting for me to find the time to try them out.

I just finished a new version of my Flower Pots quilt.  This uses a new, slightly smaller tumbler die that will be available from Accuquilt later this Fall.  The pattern for this quilt as well as a tumbler American flag will be available for download from Accuquilt shortly. 

Thanks to all my students from the many classes I taught this year for all the wonderful photos.  I really love seeing the results of different fabrics and perhaps a different take on the patterns that I teach. 







Our Gallery

Flower Pots - An Accuquilt GO! original pattern
Geese in the Cabin - a "Perfect Strips" quilt and workshop
A Few of My Favorite Things Log Cabin
Log Cabin Medallion - no triangles, no templates
Primitive Baskets
Red, White, Blue & Green
String Star
Wacky Wedges - Folk Art Baskets
Pineapple Valentine
Folk Art Pineapple
Sunburst Pineapple