Thick & Thin Log Cabin
A Basket of Blooms on the Courthouse Steps




Six hour: In this full day class, students will learn the basic "Perfect Strips" technique as it relates to the Pineapple block and will work on a basic four block topper or table runner.  I work with each student individually to discuss the many design possibilities for their particular block and explore simple changes that make the project uniquely theirs. For instance, we look at ways to switch fabrics or add additional fabrics within the block and at varying the size of the finishing rows (without any complicated math) to create unique design opportunities.  Included in the workshop is a small trunk show of Pineapple quilts that focuses on various designs, border treatments and embellishment options. If time permits, I will talk about adapting the technique to miniature Pineapple blocks. Students can expect to leave with enough knowledge to make a basic Pineapple quilt.

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Sunburst Star:


Six hour:  In this workshop, we make a four block Sunburst Star quilt using my "Perfect Strips" technique - just 3" squares and quick-cut 2" strips are all you need to make this interesting star.  The project makes a wonderful table topper or small wall hanging.  The four blocks finish at approximaely 24", and at least a 2" border is recommended but larger or multiple borders also work.  The piece offers a number of design options that will allow students to customize their project.  Shown is the basic four block quilt and a few, but by no means all of the design possibilities.  These are all shown in similar fabrics to help illustrate the subtle (and not so subtle) changes possible.  The same quilt works well in many colors and different fabrics.  Try to imagine them in your favorites.  Included in the workshop is a small trunk show of Sunburst quilts that focuses on various designs, border treatments, and embellishment options.  Be sure to visit the gallery to see additional quilts made with this interesting block. 

 Sunburst Workshop 5 (300x300)     Sunburst Workshop 2 (300x300)   

 Sunburst Workshop 4 (300x300)     Sunburst Workshop 3 (300x300)

See a Gallery of these Quilts

Geese in the Cabin:

This popular 6 hour workshop teaches my technique for making a Log Cabin with flying geese.  Simply pull scraps from your scrap basket, press and you're ready to sew.  Or, quickly cut strips from yardage - no edges to square up, that annoying bend that you sometimes get in strips doesn't matter, and the flying geese are made without triangles!  Also included in the class is instruction in making layered applique flowers and other shapes as well as a demonstration on adapting the technique to other Log Cabins such as Thick & Thin, Triangular, Diamond, and more.






Accuquilt GO! Isosceles and More:

The Isosceles triangle is a simple shape and easily cut on the GO! cutter, but the possibilities for using it in a quilt are almost endless.  This class uses Isosceles triangles cut on the GO! to make a scrappy quilt pattern that gives the illusion of curves - without any curved piecing.  The leftovers from cutting the triangles are then used to make a string star and a crazy basket quilt with wacky wedge sashing.  If that's not enough, what about using some of the leftovers to make a wacky wedge basket wall hanging?  Nothing goes to waste!  This is a full day or multiple day workshop.  GO! cutters are supplied.  If students or a group owns one, they can bring their own to class for their personal use.  If you don't own a cutter, this is a great way to see what it's all about.  In addition, these quilts can also be made using an Isosceles triangle template.  Go to the Gallery GO! folder for more photos.

     Nine block string star 


Choose A Chisel:

This simple shape can be used to make dozens of patterns.  In this 6 hour Accuquilt GO! class cutters are supplied and students cut all the pieces necessary to make one of four 20 block quilts.  All four patterns are supplied to each student and taught in class.  Students are shown other options for the block including how to cut all the quilt pieces without a GO! using just one simple ruler.   Note:  Class can be taught without GO! cutters.                             



Chisel Circles           Five Star Chisel




 Chisel Flower         Big Block Chisel Star



Lemoyne Chisel Star:

Make a Lemoyne star using chisels cut on the Accuquilt GO! supplied in class (or with one simple ruler) and put it together without Y-seams!  In this 4 - 6 hour class, students cut all the pieces for a nine block wall hanging using an Accuquilt GO! and learn the technique for assembling the star.  There is no waste.  Pieces left after cutting can be used for pieced stems and leaves, applique, or for other star variations.  Class includes pattern for the nine block quilt and some instruction in other block variations.  Great scrappy project!  Note:  Class can be taught without GO! cutters.

Lemoyne Chisel


Wacky Wedges:  Baskets, Borders, Sashings and so much more!

Do you have scraps that you don't know what to do with, fabric that hasn't made it into a quilt and probably never will, or maybe even a beautiful collection that's never found a home?  Or do you just want to learn a fun new technique that doesn't require hours of tedious, accurate cutting and lets you sew just for the fun of it?  If so, this might be the class for you. 

Almost any type of fabric from batiks to traditional to reproduction to holiday will work.  In class we cut the scraps to an approximate size - accuracy isn't necessary - and then put them back together to make baskets, borders, sashings, flower pots, bird houses, etc.  You're only limited by your imagination.  Even the basket handles can be pieced and no bias necessary! 

 The class includes written instructions and a few patterns to get you started, but everyone is encouraged to use their creativity and see what happens.

 A full day class is recommended.

  Wacky Wedges Basket Runner




Trunk Show: 

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow:  Some of my quilts and things I've learned along the way.  In this presentation, I talk about my quilting interests and how they have evolved.  The trunk show consists of more than 35 quilts, both antique and my own, full size and some miniature.  In addition to talking about my quilts, I include tips for construction, quilt assembly, and design.   Please contact me for dates and fees.

Our Gallery

Flower Pots - An Accuquilt GO! original pattern
Geese in the Cabin - a "Perfect Strips" quilt and workshop
A Few of My Favorite Things Log Cabin
Log Cabin Medallion - no triangles, no templates
Primitive Baskets
Red, White, Blue & Green
String Star
Wacky Wedges - Folk Art Baskets
Pineapple Valentine
Folk Art Pineapple
Sunburst Pineapple